Our Team
Oğulcan MuciProduct Manager

Oğulcan is the best when it comes to Product Management and Digital Marketing. He worked for Hepsiburada, AltıncıCadde and SEM. He is the social monkey of the team. When his communication skills are combined with his strong leadership, that is when the magic happens. He is the best Product Manager as well as being the finest DJ in town.

Mustafa UYSALWeb Team Leader

Mustafa’s long tenure in the technology field allows him to provide guidance and direction for new projects. He worked for respectable firms such as Masomo Gaming. His areas of expertise are Laravel Framework, Php, Go, MySQL, Slim Framework. He is best known for mastering “Harmandalı”.

Emre ÇiftçiMobile Team Leader

Emre is the Mobile Team Leader of BenzinLitre. He developed his first application when he was studying at Istanbul Kultur University. He has worked for big companies such as Coca Cola. He is the peace and joy of our team and he continues to break the prejudice that programmers are just nerds. In his free time, Emre likes to improve his skills in martial arts. It is a pleasure to work with you Emre!

Tarık AmasyalıoğluJr. Product Manager

BenzinLitre’s youngest team member Tarık is a quick learner with endless creative energy. He is an undergraduate Management Engineering student at Istanbul Technical University. He specializes in Jira, Google Analytics and Google Ads. When he combines his engineering background and creative side together, that is when the magic happens. Fun fact about Tarık: He never goes to bed without playing chess half an hour.

Can EkicioğluOperation Leader

BenzinLitre’s beloved investor Can, continued his education with International Economics & Management degree at Universita Bocconi in Milan. Can manages BenzinLitre’s international operations and finances in Germany and Italy. He has worked for Amazon Luxembourg as Project Manager.

Afife Zeynep ErolHuman Relations Manager

Afife is the People & Culture responsible of BenzinLitre. She arranges the lovely presents sent to our team members every month. She organizes regular meetings with the team to understand if they are comfortable with the environment they work in. Afife is an Industrial Engineering student at Istanbul Technical University. In her spare time, she likes to binge-bake cakes and try different recipes in the kitchen.

Eren Korkmaz Sales Leader

As BenzinLitre’s Sales Leader, Eren does it all. From initial client interactions to organizing meetings, to preparing offers and to managing various projects. Eren knows that a single approach is not the right one for every company, so he prepares special offers for each brand thoroughly and in-detail. As a Psychology student at Boğaziçi University, Eren is passionate about 19th century classical music, movies, gastronomy and Formula1 races.

Eray ÖzençAndroid Developer

Eray is an undergraduate Computer Engineering student at Bahçeşehir University. When he puts his theoretical knowledge and practical experience together, that is when the miracles are performed. Eray is responsible for the Android version of BenzinLitre.

Halime Beyza YılmazBackend Developer

Halime is a Computer Engineering student at Ege University. Her specialties are Php, Laravel, Sql, Redis, Js, Ajax and Css; to be exact. She is addicted to her job just as much as she is addicted to Sims4. In her spare time she likes to make paintings.

Yağmur Akdemir Marketing Leader

Yağmur has been designing successful social media marketing campaigns since the start of time. She integrates the latest design techniques with market research to set up targeted social media posts. She is the life of the party when it comes to imagining and preparing new and interesting series for BenzinLitre’s social media accounts. Overall, she is an amazing Head of Marketing. In her free time, Yağmur likes to listen to her thoughts and write. 

Ahmet ÇakanMarketing Analyst

Ahmet is our Marketing Analyst who spends most of his time reading over drafts of new written content for Benzinlog blog page and determining which ones make the final cut for publication. Ahmet is passionate about Marketing and Mass Psychology. He worked for honourable companies such as Analytica House. His catch phrase is “Hallederiz hocam.”.

Minel SaygıseverBackend Developer

Minel has a strong background in programming. After receiving her Computer Engineering degree at Marmara University, she made several internships at respectable start-ups. Minel oversees our builds and ensures they maintain the high quality we expect. We can call Minel the “artsy” one of the team. She is mostly into painting and digital drawing.

Eren Çelik IOS Developer

Eren executes the role of IOS developer at BenzinLitre. He often identifies himself as an “IOS addict”. His specialties are Swift and SwiftUI. We can say that Eren’s programming skills are as smooth as his skateboarding skills. In his spare time, he likes to read essays about different topics.

Barış AkgünContent Editor

After receiving his Media and Communications degree at Istanbul Kültür University, Barış combined his creativity and design knowledge together and walked into the colorful world of social media and UX/UI design. BenzinLitre’s social media pages would not be the same without Barış’s experience and insight about the topic.