Electric Charging Stations In Turkey

Electric Charging Stations In Turkey

Electric Charging Stations In Turkey Today, electric vehicles have become quite common. This expansion brought with it some needs. Electric vehicle charging stations are a fairly new technology for Turkey, but it is not possible to find an electric charging station every step of the way. Yes, in vehicles, the navigation prompt may automatically shows you the nearest station, but most users prefer to go to the e-charge point by looking at their mobile phone instead of using the navigation of their vehicle.

With the spread of electric vehicles in Turkey, investments in charging stations are also increasing. Spread across seven regions of Turkey, electric vehicle charging stations serve at more than 800 points in 61 provinces as of June 2020. These stations, which are operated by different companies, have over 2000 sockets throughout Turkey. It is possible to reach charging points at contracted gas stations, hotels, parking lots, shopping malls and car dealerships. Istanbul has the most developed network of electric charging stations in Turkey. Izmir, Bursa, Ankara and Antalya are among the other big cities that follows Istanbul in terms of number of stations. However, it should be noted that charging points are generally located in city centers and have a lower density on highways. It is also useful to do research before going to the station, as the service companies work with a membership contract.

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