There are 13.087 gas stations in the Turkey according to EMRA data recently published. In addition to these, village and agricultural purposes infrastructure and regional development with pumps contribution in terms of logistics besides employment provides. There are 1760 village gas stations.

Petrol Ofisi has highest number of gas stations in the Turkey. Today, Petrol Ofisi has more than 1,800 fuel stations, 1 lube oil factory, 8 fuel terminals, 1 LPG terminal, 20 airport supply units and a storage capacity of approximately 1 million cubic meters. 

Number of LPG stations in the Turkey

LPG is trending since a decade due to consumers behaviors and state investments on natural gas, CNG, and some other related products. Turkey is the second biggest LPG market in the world - South Korea is the biggest one. The total volume of LPG in Turkey is reaching 5 million tonnes in 2021. Turkey has 10.872 LPG stations. There are 89 LPG distributor (brands).

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